Saturday, December 18, 2010

beagle xm unbox

It arrived 2-3 weeks ago, sadly I haven't had the time to try anything on it, other than the angstrom SD card environment included...

I thought I could rely on USB to feed the board and boot, but when I tried the kernel that came with the board, I saw there was a nasty bug panicking every time I try to boot (I guess it is USB related), so, I had to search in my "cables" (spanish) junkyard box and found a perfect 5V match for it.

Then, I wanted to test the display output, but since my TV doesn't have a DVI port :(, I got an ugly S-Video signal which I yet have to tweak and play with to see if it can get better.

And... uboot doesn't have tftp support. I know these are the preloaded binaries, so I have to try the latest stuff to see if it gets better :).

So, I leave a few pictures of the unboxing:

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