Monday, November 22, 2010

a beagle-xm story

Finally, I have ordered my beagle xm. A week ago, and initially for shipment on Nov 18th, was rescheduled to be sent on Nov 25th, so now I have to wait a bit more time to get my hands on it. BTW, it seems there was a price drop just today, so I may have got ripped off with 30 bucks :(, lets see.

Although buying a panda board was tempting at first, I decided to take xm for a ride instead, and maybe later have the switch to the OMAP4 chip.

UPDATE: I received a mail saying that my XM was being shipped, after a quick reply to it, I received a response from Digi-key, they agreed to refund the difference on the price drop, thanks Digi-key! Probably I'll spend the extra buck getting a camera module or it will go to the piggy bank for a panda.

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